About Us


We want to empower all member to have financial freedom supplemented and grown through Forex trading and investment.


To encourage traders to compile a personal trading plan and strategy based on their skills, interests and strengths.

To teach a long term investment approach for all trading and financial decisions.

To teach principles to understand the markets.


We stand for the Individuality of traders supporting Risk Management and coaching the right Mindset of all members.   

We wish to do this through Transparency, Accountability, Learning and Dedication.

Meet The Team


Head Trader and Mentor

Head trader and mentor - Justin Inspired to Trade is a passion project for Justin. As a trader, he is aware of the landscape that new traders find themselves in and wants to help traders navigate it. He entered the world of trading in 2015. Eager and ready to learn. After disappointment and loss, he decided to find his way into the trading community. He has combined the knowledge gained over the years to establish this program.


Admin and Operations

She is the support for the business and contact for all queries you may have outside of trading. With over ten years of experience in social media management and admin, she plays a vital role in ensuring that things run smoothly.